Artist Crush: Nellie King Solomon

One of my favourite parts of the design process is art selection.  Not only can it be a great investment, but it has the ability to transform a space, tying together small nuances from around the room.   One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting art what kind of energy it or movement it has.  Do you want the room to feel peaceful? Romantic? Bold? Keeping the colour scheme in mind is also key when selecting a piece for a project.  Not only can colour greatly affect the mood of the room, but you want to find something with enough visual interest that enhances the colours and textures in the space. Nellie King Solomon is an artist whose work I recently saw and it instantly grabbed me.  As a designer, I often keep an eye out for versatile artwork that could work within a variety of applications.  Her paintings are so fluid and elegant with just the right amount of drama that they could work almost anywhere. Painting on mylar, her work reflects, "experiences of great western landscapes, the shock of unabsorbed events. The slick paint resembles oil spills and hot toxic color fields: beautiful pictures of terrible things".  Check out a few of my favourites of her stunning work below!

solomon1 solomon2 solomon3 solomon4