Rock on

Mother nature is often the best artist.  Sometimes looking at beautiful stones, marbles and crystals, it's hard to imagine how they came out of the earth.  Regardless of your aesthetic, I think brining natural elements into a home adds extra dimension with beautiful visual textures.  It also adds a sense of glamour and elegance without seeming to try too hard.  While natural stones and marbles have always been a design staple, I have started noticing an abundance of design accessories incorporating smaller  pieces of natural stones and gems, making it more affordable to add to your home.  I have also been seeing a wide variety of decor items with patterns mimicking the real thing.  My favourite right now has to be all of the amazing marble-textured wallpapers that give the luxe look of stone walls without the price tag. What do you think? Below are some images of the real thing, as well as some of these fabulous wallpapers and accessories I have been talking about. Shop to post below to add some of these gems to your own home! GSD BLOG



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Gem Cabinet by Partrick Naggar for Ralph Pucci, Eclipse Agate Chandelier, Available through Zinc Door.

GSD BlogGSD Blog

GSD BlogPale Swirl Area Rug by Paul Smith.  Available through The Rug Company.



1.  You are my greatest treasure Print.  2. Gold Leaf & Agate Boxes.  3. Adorado Boxes.   4. Kelly Wearstler wallpaper.  5.  Cole & Son Wallpaper.  6. L'Objet Malachite Cup & Saucer.  7. Marble Throw Pillow.