Wild Wallpaper

It has been a crazy work week full of designing, site visits and sourcing so I'm happy to finally have a minute to share some of what's been keeping me inspired lately.  In between renovations and client meetings, I have been doing some work on my own place and was thrilled when my dining room wallpaper finally arrived! It's a beautiful paper made by Carl Robinson.  I was drawn to it because of the organic shapes the print incorporates, the beautiful metallics (which unfortunately are not totally visible in these photos), the neutral palette, and of course the fact that it reminds me of a slightly muted and more abstract leopard print.  See pictures of my new addition below and stay tuned for photos of my dining room once the paper is installed! GSD BLOG


Going to the wallpaper showroom is probably one of my favourite activities as a designer.  The range of colours and patterns never ceases to amaze me, and knowing how much it can transform a space always excites me.  While this pattern I chose is bold and quite dark, our dining room has very minimal wall space and a lot of natural light, so I know it will provide just the right amount of drama and elegance.

If you are looking for a simple solution to give your space a totally new look or feel, I think wallpaper is a fabulous option.  Even if you pick just one wall to feature as an accent, putting a wall-covering up is an easy way to create an artistic focal point in any space.  Interested in incorporating some into your own home? Contact me for a wallpaper consultation at info@gilliansegaldesign.com.