Affordable Art Finds

While I always say spending your money on a great piece of art is a good investment, we don't always want to break the bank to make our walls look fabulous.  With a lot of different websites now making up-and-coming artists' work available to the public, it's clear that buying amazing art doesn't mean needing to spend a lot of money.  Friends and clients often express anxiety when selecting art, worrying that because they don't "know" art that they won't can't tell what's "good" and whats not. My biggest pieces of advice when it comes to this are:

1) Listen to your gut - buy what you love!

2) Make a connection to the art, either with the subject of the piece, the artist, the medium or even something as simple as the colour

3) Even if you buy an inexpensive $20.00 print, spend the money to get it properly framed and hung.  This may make for an additional initial investment, but  will make this piece look far more valuable then what you put into it.

Here are some of my favourite affordable pieces all between $17-$160. Enjoy!

GSD Blog

1. Lips Watercolour ($27)  2. Wild & Free ($20)  3.  Headdress ($17)  4. Constellation Indigo ($17)  5. Pisces ($18)  6.  Diptych Nevada or Maybe Utah, Edition of 50 ($160)