On a project for a new client, we decided to start with one of the bedrooms in the home.  Because she's so fashion conscious, I wanted to make her room truly unique and special.  One day when I came over for a meeting she was wearing a beautiful silk kimono and I felt inspired! I thought by incorporating an element of chinoiserie into the design and mixing it with modern and luxe items we could create a glamorous, sophisticated and fun space. Chinoiserie is a french term, essentially meaning, "Chinese-esque", and usually refers to a mixture of eastern and western stylistic elements. This style become in vogue in the 18th century, when British designers tried to emulate recently discovered Asian designs, but has recently seen a huge resurgence in popularity.

Here is a moodboard I created for our project, which includes an amazing Romo wall covering, and a muted purple colour palette.

chinoiserie chickGet inspired by some more chinoiserie-inspried interiors...